Angle Barcelona

C/Aribau 54

08022 Barcelona

78 /100

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Jordi Cruz


Zaterdagmiddag - zondag
0034/932167777 - EMAIL - WEBSITE


Restaurant Angle is located in the Cram Hotel nearby the centre of Barcelona and has one michelin star due to the chef Jordi Cruz that creates each menu and guides the kitchen team. We enjoyed the menu (80 euro) with 10 courses which are served at a rather high speed. There are influences from all over the world but with a Spanish touch. A lot of attention is given to the presentation and the harmony of all ingredients. The interior is fresh and airy, the service is professionally done in both Spanish and English but we missed a smile.

Prijsindicatie (08-05-2015)

€ 50,00 lunch menu (aantal gangen: 4)
€ 100,00 diner menu (aantal gangen: 12)
€ 155,00 diner menu (incl. wijnarrangement)

€ 40,00 min. prijs / fles witte wijn
€ 40,00 min. prijs / fles rode wijn
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